How you walk into a room can literally change your life


There are 5 easy and essential steps that make a positive impact to getting what you want, and that most people don’t even think about.

How you open the door, where you sit and how you conduct yourself physically in a room can make the difference between getting a job, or a promotion, or not.

When preparing for any major meeting, interview or promotion you need to know:

  • What to do before you go into the room
  • How to enter the room to immediately create the mood and impact you want to achieve
  • Where to sit
  • How to use the furniture and the environment to achieve your objective
  • How to change the atmosphere through body language

Clearly this isn’t the only aspect of getting a job or a promotion. However, it is one aspect that is often overlooked and it’s absolutely critical. This knowledge gives you an added advantage. It absolutely goes side by side with knowing your market, your objective, your subject matter and whom you will be talking to.

I have interviewed people who have been unable to see the interviewer because of the sun in their eyes and haven’t moved. I have worked with people who have given a demonstration stuck uncomfortably behind a table. I have seen people who want to be friendly so have sat on the side of the furniture or too far away and both styles have cost them their promotion. I have also seen people do almost all the ‘right things’ and still give off the wrong signals.

Know what impact you are making.

THIS FUN, FASCINATING AND TOTALLY FREE EXERCISE will give you an idea of how powerful this knowledge is. Every time you go into a room today try entering in a different way. For example:

  • very slowly
  • very fast
  • with your head peeping around the door, feet still behind the door
  • with your eyes on the floor as you walk in
  • keeping your hand on the handle and looking around for 10 seconds without moving before you enter

Think about what feels the most comfortable to you and ask is it helping you get what you want?

There isn’t a one size fits all – you need to know what you are already doing, what you want to achieve, and then how to achieve it.






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