A note from founder Sharon Kennet:

SharonCoaching Nation was born when I read an article criticising coaching as a fast fix and an alternative replacement to the extended family. With a dedication to innovative thinking I wondered why we couldn’t turn this negative thinking on its head. I also wondered why either were a problem. In fact weren’t they both an advantage?

Who wouldn’t be happy to solve their dilemmas quickly providing there was value in the solution and the person felt supported? AND what’s wrong with having an alternative, or better still, additional extended family with expertise and no personal agenda.

Yes, it’s great if you have support from family and friends, and I have called on mine more times than I care to remember but there comes a point when you think you really can’t ask any more of them so you turn to a professional. Yes, we do live fast-paced lives, sometimes our values are superficial and sometimes fast is definitely not the answer but at times it’s an appropriate and appealing solution and a great alternative to a lengthy process.

There are new perspectives round every corner that can prove to be of great value to all of us, if only we can see them. An outside eye can often quickly discover untapped solutions and that is what Coaching Nation is all about!