How to get what you want (?)

Buy a riddle book. Flippant? No – we are being 100% serious.


Being able to see life’s challenges as a series of riddles is an asset.

Shirin Gerami made history this weekend by becoming the first female triathlete to take part in a world championship under the Islamic flag.

How did she do it?

She turned an idea into a series of actions and viewed her obstacles as riddles needing a solution.

Firstly she flew to Iran and demonstrated her passion and determination for her cause.

Shirin describes her few month’s struggles with Iran officials as the most enriching and enlightening experience of her life.

“At times it felt that the riddles would get more and more complex, but I like to believe that all riddles can be solved, and I therefore kept going.”

“What kept me going was that Iran’s triathlon federation never said no. They would point out the issues, but they never shut the door in my face.”

“The most important lesson was that I should always be sincere, always believe in my dream, and never, never give up. I wanted to show that what people think is impossible, is actually possible, and this universal rule applies to all countries, all people ”

Shirin displays a number of key attributes that make her a perfect role model for success.

  1. Sheer determination and desire, that cuts straight to the heart
  2. A desire to truly see the other side’s perspective
  3. The ability to see life and its challenges as a series of puzzles and riddles to be solved

Whether your goal is trailblazing or not, if you want to succeed, the same rules apply!



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