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What we do:

Coaching Nation specialises in innovative ways to problem solve in order to create professional and organisational robustness and success, helping your enterprise and the individuals that drive it.

How we do it:

We do this using a number of novel, inciting and interactive coaching techniques all of which draw on our expertise in social science, the creative industries, criminal justice and conflict prevention.

Outcomes include:
  • Less stress
  • Increased profit
  • Enhanced customer and client attraction
  • Higher Productivity
  • Improved donor and fundraising interaction
  • Strengthened board and media relationships
What we offer:

Face-to-Face Participatory Workshops & Programmes | 1-1 and team 24/7 dedicated online Coaching platform | Skype Coaching

All our work is bespoke including our award winning business coaching programmes, which are designed around YOU and your needs.

Programmes include:

Who’s The Elephant? – a sales enhancing programme

In Time – Time and Task management

Here Today, Here Tomorrow – Developing resilience

Pitch Perfect – Presentation acumen, including for the finance sector in partnership with Wentworth Hall Consultancy

The Breakfast Coach – Influencing others and enhanced motivation

How To Play The Game – Increased Problem Solving and communication skills

Follow-up includes:

One-to-one coaching and our series of Coaching NudgesTM.

COACHING NUDGESTM tips are delivered straight to your email inbox or “real life” post box. Our Nudges act like a vitamin supplement to boost, change or improve habits and keep you and your organisation on the road to well being.