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How to turn your enemies into your friends and your arguments into an asset is a creative and unique look at managing difficult people. It’s a self coaching course, you’ll receive one programme per week over 8 weeks directly into your email inbox and you can return to any aspect of it whenever you need to.

Take a look now at the INTRODUCTION and PART 1 of our course described as ‘Absolutely brilliant! and free!’

In spite of the subject matter it’s light hearted, easy to read and full of fun tips, exercises and suggestions which you can return to at any time.

The course will provide you with

  • Simple ways to avoid the most detrimental relationship mistakes made by businesses and individuals
  • Practical tools that you can use immediately
  • A well-revered resource that you can turn to whenever you find yourself in a tricky situation
  • Solutions for managing even the trickiest of people
  • AND! A way to enjoy conflict if it occurs and we’re not referring to sadomasochism

We like to feature topics that we think will help you in your professional and personal lives. Keep an eye out for new free programmes and tips from guests. If you have ideas and problems that you think need solving email us at [email protected] and if we can we’ll create a programme especially for you!

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