Life & Business coaching

Life & Business coaching is an excellent way to help achieve a goal, move forward from a present situation, or resolve a dilemma. Goals can be anything from how to manage an overwhelming mailbox to how to move on in one’s career. Remember you don’t have to be tearing your hair out – or even at a particular point in your life. Anyone can benefit from coaching. Start achieving your goals now!

What exactly is online coaching?

Online coaching is an online professional relationship between yourself and your coach. Through a series of online questions you identify or begin to identify your goals and then set up an action plan to achieve them. Online coaching is not live chat or email coaching, it has its own unique formula.

Note: It does involve writing so it’s important that you feel comfortable with that medium.

Our coaches have a wealth of expertise within life, business, arts, education and third sectors, for example with Coutts Bank, The Royal Opera House, The Prison and Probation Service and many more. Their training includes management, leadership, mediation, facilitation, conflict resolution, and creative practice.

Cost: For £100 you will receive ONE ONLINE COACHING SESSION – equivalent to 2 hours of coaching time.

Face to face

We do offer a very limited number of face to face coaching sessions at our premises; by appointment only. If you would like to enquire about a face to face session please contact us at [email protected]