Wisdom from our panel of 8 to 80 year olds!

8 to 80 year old panel

It ONLY costs £5.00 to get advice from our 8 to 80 Year Old Panel!

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Our 8 to 80 year old panel provide advice, usually in the form of one sentence suggestions.  Short, succinct and straight talking!

It’s not coaching – it’s advice.

Our panel really are a true mix of ages and experiences. Part of the fun of receiving advice from our panel is not knowing exactly which member of our panel is giving you that advice, so our panel remain anonymous. We select the responses we think are the most helpful and the most appropriate.

Our esteemed panel of 8 – 80 year olds work on a rolling on/off basis. You will get responses from a Cannes award winning film producer, Or an International hedge fund owner, Or a Primary school teacher, Or a Child chess champion, Or a Smuggler and war veteran, a Government advisor and lobbyist, a Child psychotherapist and editor, a Top selling insurance manager and salesperson, a Recruitment agent, a Commercial property developer, an International opera designer, a Progression manager for troubled youth, or even a Holocaust survivor and many more.

Some of our panel are top of their game and some are unassuming and unknown. What they all have in common is an innate skill for problem solving and an ability to give brilliant advice.