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Redefining Employment Churn


Within recruitment and employment churn there are some givens. Employees will come and go; there is volatility in most sectors, and there are always implications associated with employee turnover. If you want to know how to retain good staff then look towards the behaviour of 2yr olds. If not you could end up like this. If […]

What motivates you?

Motivation! Take a moment to ponder the dark day when Wonder Woman and Superman are having an ‘off’ day. Are you there yet? Doom and devastation, no good deeds, nothing to look up to… no one flying through the sky in tight Lycra. Maybe they are just a tad demotivated, they’ve been burning the candle […]

Fight less, Win more

Today I saw this headline in the International New York Times: ‘Minor argument spiralled into killing.’ It happened in a cinema outside of Tampa where apparently a veteran was texting his babysitter and checking on his young sick child. He was berated by another veteran for using his phone. The end result was a fatal […]

How to become really rich without much money.

Everywhere I turn at the moment someone has a scheme / workshop / event for how to make more money and how to be a success. I feel slightly concerned about this pressure we put on ourselves to constantly strive for more at the expense of enjoying the here and now. Don’t get me wrong […]

How to make your vision for 2014 a reality!

I love this time of year. So many new projects, start-ups pushing forward and freelancers touting their wares. It fills me with a mix of trepidation and excitement. Like a great fantasy movie full of promise, new possibilities, and some stuff people don’t really believe is possible. There are a million tips out there, endless […]

Happiness. How being less happy will make you happier.


This is our prescribed festive time – where the obligation to be merry and celebrate is almost a prerequisite to living in the month of December.  It is also a notoriously stressful month, with recorded high levels of anxiety, and domestic and work related conflict. So rather ironically, at the time most of us are […]

The Horrors of Decision Making. Can’t make a decision? Then read this blog

421 bottles of shampoo on the supermarket shelf, 1503 emails in your inbox, 74 letters in your in tray, New career, New country. Oh, and that’s just on Mondays. How do some people seem to effortlessly prioritise, make decisions and execute change in their lives and their businesses? Well the answer lies partly in horror […]