Part of the fun of receiving advice from our 8 to 80 year old panel is not knowing exactly who is giving you that advice so our panel remain anonymous…. We select the responses we think are the most helpful and the most appropriate.

Just so you know the sort of people we use, here is a taster of who might get back to you: Cannes award winning film producer, International hedge fund owner, Primary school teacher, Child chess champion, Smuggler and war veteran, Government advisor and lobbyist, Child psychotherapist and editor, top selling insurance manager and salesperson, Recruitment agent, Commercial property developer, International opera designer and so on. These people might be top of their game but we don’t just use people who are well known, sometimes we may use someone simply because of their innate ability to problem solve, such as a progression manager for troubled youth, a holocaust survivor or a brilliant primary school child.

CEO IT Finance Legal 8 to 80 year old panel
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